Unrivalled expertise and thought leadership for the London and international markets

A passion for easily understood, timely, decision making information

Embracing leading edge technologies that integrate, disrupt and transform to give you an unbeatable competitive commercial edge

Cenata | delivering a software revolution to meet the needs of today’s insurance world

Our passion is to bring leading edge technology solutions to address the Outwards Reinsurance complexities of the London and international markets.

With new sources of risk and capital emerging, the challenge of balancing risk appetite with existing risk exposure can become precarious without a real-time picture of the premium and claim position. Cenata SURE uniquely provides this.

Cenata are combining modern cloud based solutions with superior functionality and faster implementation strategies. An understanding of the need for easily interpreted analytics drives our solutions; we have AI and data enrichment to allow intelligent decision-making, meeting the twin goals of driving out cost and delivering a competitive edge.


Cenata are developing a range of innovative products driven by the regulatory, operational and competitive needs of the London and international markets

A fully functional real time outwards Reinsurance Solution for the London and international markets. Cloud based, it is inwards agnostic with API integration. Real time analytics are AI based for easier interpretation of big data.

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of executives cited data and technology as the areas they want to improve on


of executives said they would be investing in predictive analytic


years +. The average age of core processing systems within the insurance industry


of executives cited operations as an area they struggle with the most


“Cenata plans to change the solution landscape within London and international insurance markets”