Cenata Launches Its Outwards Reinsurance Management Solution

Cenata today announces its official launch into the insurance market with its first product, Cenata SURE. Cenata SURE aims to change the management of Outwards Reinsurance programmes, providing the most functionally rich cloud-based software solution, utilising real time data feeds and AI technology. Cenata has assembled an impressive team of technical, functional and market experts who passionately believe that the current technology landscape must change for underwriters to create and maintain a competitive edge.

The new solution will provide all of the functionality expected from a credible Outwards Reinsurance solution that delivers measurable business benefits and shareholder value. It caters for all types of reinsurance contract placement, rich ledger functionality, market connectivity, regulatory compliance, and real-time AI driven analytics.

Hosted in the cloud allowing access from any location, Cenata SURE is fully API enabled, It delivers real time data imports and exports, designed to seamlessly integrate with your IT and organisational structure, irrespective of data volumes. Transaction performance is a key solution criteria.

Unlimited transaction processing power is one of the many Cenata SURE unique’s, as is the use of AI in the analysis of real-time data (also unique) to ensure proactive decision making data is at the fingertips of the right person at the right time.

Andrew Luckett, Product Director, has 30 years market experience and is widely respected for his deep subject matter expertise and thought leadership. “The need to be able to create and maintain a competitive edge never goes away, and whilst technology continues to evolve, outwards reinsurance software has demonstrably failed to keep pace”, says Andrew. “Cenata SURE will revolutionise how reinsurance programmes are managed not least by providing real time performance data for proactive decision making. As Product Director I will be setting a development pace that will keep our clients ahead of the curve”

Chairman Jim Barry, another 25-year veteran of the London Market, points to the value of the development strategy. “No existing supplier in the ORI area has been able to sustain the necessary development pace needed by their clients. Our goal for Cenata SURE is frictionless transactions irrespective of data volumes and functionality requirements. ORI touches every part of your business. We will never lose sight of the importance of getting the right data to the right people at the right time. I have complete confidence that my team has both the expertise, availability of resources and capability to sustain our clients’ competitive edge.

Managing Director, Nick Freer, is excited about what Cenata can bring to the market. “This is just the first of an innovative cloud-based product suite that we feel will revolutionise the market. The prevalence of legacy technology systems in this space speaks volumes about current inabilities to embrace the business opportunities that new technology brings. Development and implementations can be slow and expensive, and support overheads can be huge. It is time for change. Our team uniquely understands the requirements for UK, US and other international outwards reinsurance placement. My door is always open to share with you how we can work together ”


Cenata has been formed by industry experts to challenge the current predominance of legacy technology within the London and International insurance markets.

Outwards reinsurance touches all areas of your business. Our passion is to deliver a competitive business advantage by ensuring the right data hits the right people at the right time. Cenata SURE delivers unmatched functionality and seamless integration all built on leading edge technological efficiencies.

Let’s work together to drive down operational cost whilst achieving operational and strategic wins 


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