Lloyds Blueprint 2 a bold innovative strategy

Lloyds Blueprint2 is a bold, innovative strategy to create an exemplar user experience when interacting with the London Market. To deliver this Blueprint2 challenges the technology suppliers to deploy leading edge technology platforms and solutions that can capture, integrate and process the necessary volumes of granular data. It is from this that the projected £800m savings will be made.
At Cenata we are completely aligned to this strategy. Our outwards reinsurance management solution, Cenata SURE, processes premium and claims data in real-time to support the user experience. To further enhance it we take even more friction out of the outwards Reinsurance process. Cenata SURE, contains uniques that once again set the standard. It is a real-time, true cloud deployment with full API integration capability up and down stream and AI based exposure analytics. 
And we will continue to support Blueprint2 going forwards. In 2021, we will further revolutionise this space with connectivity into placing platforms enabling reinsurance programme data to be automatically created in Cenata SURE. Better buying; better cover; better claims management! 

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